Wedding Venues, Exeter, Devon | Rockbeare Manor

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Wedding Venues, Exeter, Devon | Rockbeare Manor

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Wedding Exeter, Venues,

Venues, Exeter, Wedding

Venues, Wedding Exeter,

Exeter, Wedding Venues,

Exeter, Venues, Wedding



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    Content: Rockbeare Manor is an exquisite wedding venue near Exeter in Devon. A historic Grade I listed Regency manor house set in over 100 acres.
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    Content: Wedding Venues, Exeter, Devon | Rockbeare Manor

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  • Img src: /ImageGen ashx?width=700&image=/media/1908/alex-toze-hannahnigel-aug17-22 jpg
    Alt text: Front of house with daisys
  • Img src: /ImageGen ashx?width=700&image=/media/2251/sabine-darrell-room-shot-small jpg
    Alt text: Sabine Darrell Ballroom Shot
  • Img src: /media/1908/alex-toze-hannahnigel-aug17-22 jpg
    Alt text: Front of house with daisys
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1908/alex-toze-hannahnigel-aug17-22 jpg
    Alt text: Front of house with daisys
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/2251/sabine-darrell-room-shot-small jpg
    Alt text: Sabine Darrell Ballroom Shot
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1212/fig-shoot-miller-095 jpg
    Alt text: Wedding
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1806/alex-toze-claire-and-julian-aug16-20 jpg
    Alt text: Front of House at Night
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1196/20150910_110 jpg
    Alt text: House and Parkland
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1190/20120313_015 jpg
    Alt text: Cuisine
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1198/20150910_191 jpg
    Alt text: House and Parkland
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1985/josh-gooding-helendave2017-12 jpg
    Alt text: Helen and Bridesmaids in Drawing Room
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1757/20626615_1228528170585040_9078938691590341007_o jpg
    Alt text: Rachael and Darren arms around neck
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1207/exterior-views-modified-3 jpg
    Alt text: House & Parkland
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1761/20645470_1228528087251715_3210245957723400364_o jpg
    Alt text: Rachael and Darren Bridal Party Walking
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1860/will-dolphin-annelisegareth-aug17-1 jpg
    Alt text: Front of house in the sun
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1802/alex-toze-claire-and-julian-aug16-15 jpg
    Alt text: Archway Sunset
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1866/will-dolphin-annelisegareth-aug17-8 jpg
    Alt text: Canape board
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1246/20160130_048 jpg
    Alt text: The Drawing Room - Window View
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1808/rockrose-jorick-oct16-2 jpg
    Alt text: Fountain in the sunshine
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1854/chris-and-caro-rob-ambrose-apr16-2 jpg
    Alt text: Hallway and Sunset
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1856/chris-and-caro-rob-ambrose-apr16-3 jpg
    Alt text: Fountain and South at Night
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/2026/room-1 jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1809/rockrose-jorick-oct16-1 jpg
    Alt text: Outdoor Ceremony
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1833/jd-chrisstephanie-aug-17-13 jpg
    Alt text: South at night
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1861/will-dolphin-annelisegareth-aug17-2 jpg
    Alt text: Side of house in the sun
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1865/will-dolphin-annelisegareth-aug17-5 jpg
    Alt text: Groom waiting for bride
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1869/will-dolphin-annelisegareth-aug17-7 jpg
    Alt text: Pimms
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1977/josh-gooding-helendave2017-3 jpg
    Alt text: Dining Room Ceremony
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1876/will-dolphin-annelisegareth-aug17-16 jpg
    Alt text: Annelise and spring meadow
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1983/josh-gooding-helendave2017-1 jpg
    Alt text: Parkland
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/2209/bedroom-1-14 jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1986/josh-gooding-helendave2017-13 jpg
    Alt text: Back of dress on balcony
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1987/josh-gooding-helendave2017-14 jpg
    Alt text: Bride and Bridesmaids on Balcony
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1996/josh-gooding-helendave2017-25 jpg
    Alt text: Ballroom with cake in forefront
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/2001/josh-gooding-helendave2017-30 jpg
    Alt text: Drinks by the fountain
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/2252/tom-frost-2017-small jpg
    Alt text: Rolls Royce at front of house
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1653/rockbeare030317_102-small jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1804/alex-toze-claire-and-julian-aug16-18 jpg
    Alt text: Claire and Julian Oak Path
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1756/rockbeare20manor20wedding20memories20milestones-14 jpg
    Alt text: Portrait Dining Room with Petals
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1819/heritage-day-sept16-2 jpg
    Alt text: Children jumping off the wall
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1995/josh-gooding-helendave2017-21 jpg
    Alt text: Confetti Shot
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1828/jd-chrisstephanie-aug-17-7 jpg
    Alt text: Chris and Sophie Parkland in Background
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1909/alex-toze-hannahnigel-aug17-27 jpg
    Alt text: Nigel and Hannah in Sunset
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1800/alex-toze-claire-and-julian-aug16-6 jpg
    Alt text: Library 1
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1827/jd-chrisstephanie-aug-17-6 jpg
    Alt text: Chris and Stephanie Just Married
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1868/will-dolphin-annelisegareth-aug17-6 jpg
    Alt text: Just Married with Confetti
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1904/alex-toze-hannahnigel-aug17-15 jpg
    Alt text: People on south lawns in sunshine
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1249/lhp_7282 jpg
    Alt text: A Groom poses in the Billiard Room
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1261/social-media-website-martin-dabek-photography-033 jpg
    Alt text: Just married the Bride and Groom go for a stroll
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1319/rockbeare_322_a5 jpg
    Alt text: Rockbeare Manor in Devon
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1324/rockbeare_460_a5 jpg
    Alt text: Rockbeare Manor - Weddings and Special Events Venue in Exeter, Devon
  • Img src: /imagegen ashx?width=80&image=/media/1759/20645221_1228528550585002_6979333007684494931_o jpg
    Alt text: Rachael and Darren South Lawns View
  • Img src: /media/2307/regionalfinalist_1_hi jpg
    Missing "alt" text!


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